Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ_Thai Global Shipping Company LTD

  1. How is fuel surcharge defined and applied to shipping rates?
    • Fuel costs are reported by the Department of Energy weekly. All fluctuations are applied to a fuel matrix which determines the Fuel Surcharge. The surcharge is passed along with no additional margins added.
  2. Is there a cut-off time to request a quote for same day shipment?
    • There is no cut-off time to request a quote. However, same day deliveries are established according to pickup and delivery destinations and times will vary.
  3. Is TGSC certified to ship military and defense-related commodities?
    • TGSC ships military and D.O.D. related commodities regularly in accord with ITAR.
  4. Is TGSC certified to ship hazardous materials and what is the definition of hazardous materials?
    • Yes, depending on the mode of transportation the materials may be limited by its quantity. MSDS must accompany the hazardous materials and the UN number determines the quantity. All regulations and procedures are strictly adhered to without exception. The definition of Hazardous Materials could consist of any material that could cause a health or transportation risk to employees, passengers, drivers and or pilots.
  5. Do we handle Customs Brokerage?
    • Yes, not only will TGSC assist you in your brokerage needs, we will also work with you in identifying the correct import classification, however; ultimately you are responsible for choosing the correct harmonized tariff.
  6. Do we ship automobiles, motorcycles and boats?
    • Yes, TGSC is fully capable of shipping automobiles, motorcycles and boats. The shipper is responsible for providing a free and clear title and must meet all regulations pertaining to fuel and oil. Each method of shipping provides different specifications pertaining to fuel and oil.
  7. Can customers track and trace shipments online?
    • Currently, the TGSC website does provide tracking and tracing for approved customers. Simply use your BL number given by your agent to track anytime.
  8. How is freight class determined?
    • There are many guidelines in determining freight class. We reference the National Motor Freight Classification tariff. But for more information we recommend accessing the website:
  9. Does TGSC ship personal items?
    • Yes, in some cases we do. Our main focus is on Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions.
  10. How long does it take for my shipment to arrive from point A to point B, etc.?
    • Domestic Transit Times vary greatly determined by carrier and shipping points. Please contact us for further detailed transit time frames pertaining to your specific shipment.
  11. Is TGSC able to ship products requiring refrigeration?
    • TGSC does ship refrigerated products, but we require prior notification to allow ample time to coordinate the proper equipment needed and to verify this service can be provided to your destination. Note: Not all carriers offer this service to all destinations.
  12. Do we provide Bills of Lading?
    • A Bill of Lading is provided by TGSC for all shipments to trucking companies for cargo pick-up and airport transfers. If a customer requests a Bill of Lading for a shipment, TGSC can and will provide a Bill of Lading as well.
  13. What is the procedure for damaged or lost goods?
    • Our goal is to have all claims settled within 90 days of receiving the written formal claim for any lost or damaged goods. TGSC always recommends having additional insurance on each and every shipment that we handle. We are happy and willing to discuss your insurance requirements in more details. Please ask!
  14. How do I know how much I can fit into a tractor trailer or ocean container? Or how much weight can I put on a 53’ flat bed?


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