Expedited Shipping Services

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Thai Global Shipping Company LTD understands the importance of quick, efficient shipping. Through our experience, vendor contacts and dedication to customer satisfaction, we provide the following expedited shipping options: Hot-Shots on Demand, Exclusive Dedicated Trucks, Overnight and Same Day Air Freight.

We offer the following complementary services for expedited shipping

Hot-Shots on Demand

We dedicate the right size vehicle to the client for a straight shot door-to-door delivery.

Exclusive Dedicated Trucks

Thai Global Shipping Company provides door-to-door, expedited transportation solutions for thousands of customers worldwide. With the roots of our company based in expedited shipping, we remain obsessive about providing our customers on-time delivery. In fact, we measure our success based on our pick-up and delivery times. Globe Shipping is proud to say that our on-time performance surpasses 98.5%.
As we have expanded our portfolio of services, our customers have continued to benefit from our brand of premium services – without the premium price. We continue our commitment to surpass customer expectations.

Overnight and Same Day Air Freight

Utilizing cargo space on a passenger aircraft is the fastest and most convenient way to ship approved commodities anywhere in the world. This option is available when the shipment meets FAA and TSA regulations along with weight and dimensional requirements. Passenger aircraft are usually the fastest and most convenient ways to get approved commodities that meet FAA and TSA regulations anywhere in the world for those companies who qualify as "known shippers." Ask TGSC how to qualify as a "known shipper!"

Additionals services with Expedited Shipping

Full Documentation Service: We will provide all documentation necessary for compliance around the globe and implement delivery.
Insurance: We provide an insurance review tailored to your shipping needs.
Real Time Updates: TGSC tracks and updates all shipments upon request and notifies the shipper or consignee via e-mail, phone or other preferred method.