Domestic Shipping

Warehouse_crating_Thai Global Shipping Company LTD

Thai Global Shipping Company simplifies domestic (NAFTA) shipping through the following services: Door to Door, LTL, FTL, Custom Shipping, Consignee Routed.

Door to Door Service

TGSC picks the shipment up from the shipper’s location and delivers it to the consignee’s door.

LTL Service

TGSC will transport less than a full truck load, with a 75 lb or one skid minimum.

FTL Service

This shipment is a full truck load dedicated to one delivery.

Custom Shipping

This service includes large loads of hazardous materials or any shipment with special needs.

Consignee Routed

Per request of the consignee, we pick up the product from the seller and deliver it to the consignee.

All services are accompanied by the following services are also available for domestic shipping:
Consolidated Shipping Rates: These door-to-door rates combine ground, air and all documentation into one rate.
Cradle to Grave Supply Chain Management: The customer merely tells us to pick up the product and do whatever is necessary to make the delivery. This can include oversize, hazmat material or any product that needs to be shipped. We handle the shipment from start to finish.
Insurance: We provide an insurance review tailored to your shipping needs.